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Cool and memorable sequences

My first novel Tucked In features a plethora of pop culture references that are sometimes very specific. Not content to just name-drop the show or toy or song, I wanted to express details as to WHY my main character was so fond of the reference. A great example is Battlestar Galactica , the late-70s TV show that I remember well. One of the things that was most memorable (apart from the Cylon Centurions which are also mentioned in the book) was the Viper launch sequence. I am confident they re-used the same footage over and over, but it was still cool every time it occurred. It was, in a word, a THRILL. You can watch it as many times as you want  here . Does anyone remember the Viper launch sequence? What else do you remember about Battlestar Galactica ?

Remember when we got slimed?

When writing Tucked In , I stuffed in so many pop culture references that some had to be left out for pacing. But some of those cut concepts can now live on in my blog. Each week I will present a pop culture item, be it a TV show, a movie, a toy or whatever. And this week it's Slime! Slime was a green substance that came in a miniature green plastic garbage can. The things I remember most about Slime are 1) it could get stale over time (which meant a fresh can was very exciting!) and 2) it would sometimes get in the carpet and drive my mother mad. Oh, and 3) there was a version with worms in it (which I seem to remember came in an orange can). In any case, what are your memories of Slime?

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